Statement taking

Private investigators are well versed in interviewing witnesses. If you need to have someone interviewed, your first task is to decide what you want accomplished. Do you require an investigator to only interview the witness or to interview them and take a formal statement.


At Adept we have been serving the needs of the Police, individuals, insurance companies and law firms for over 25 years. We know every aspect of obtaining the highest quality statements from witnesses. Whether the need for a statement is for a civil or criminal case in a State or Federal Jurisdiction, we have the experience and expertise to obtain the best possible results.

There are times when a solicitor will ask a private investigator to “interview a witness and if appropriate take a statement.” What this means is that the investigator meets with and interviews the witness about the facts of the case.

However if the witness is not favourable to the request the investigator will not have the opportunity to prepare a statement. Instead we’ll note what the witness had to say and forward that information to the solicitor in the form of a report.


If you need assistance with a witness or victim statement, using a private investigator is your best source. Investigators have the experience necessary to obtain quality statements that will hold up in court.

The types of issues where a witness or victim statement by a person can be required include but are not limited to:

Upset driver After Traffic Accident

  • Child custodial issues,
  • Neighbour disputes,
  • AVO applications,
  • Assaults / burglary etc,
  • Allegations of corruption,
  • Bullying and/or harassment,
  • Workplace injuries,
  • Car accidents,

Statements are a legal document and are required to comply with the “Rules of Evidence”. Things like “hearsay” are generally ruled inadmissible by the Courts and should not be included.

There are distinct differences in the way Courts accept documents and you need to ensure the correct format is adopted or the Court may reject it being filed.

What a private investigator can do for you:

Adept know the requirements of the legal system and the type of document required in each jurisdiction, whether it be Federal, State, civil or criminal.

We can assist your case by completing a statement with you for provision to your solicitor, the Police, a government department, insurance company, or a Court (to name a few).

What we’ll require to start:

Phone us for a free no obligation chat regarding your concerns. If you wish to proceed we’ll forward you an email with the following:

  •   A letter outlining (what you have advised) are your requirements,
  •   Details as to the time and date you require us to attend your residence or workplace to complete the statement or affidavit,
  •   A cost agreement. We always let the client know the estimated cost of the service once all the facts are known.

You then complete and sign the cost agreement and return it to us via reply email.
A 50% deposit is required prior to the commencement of any task. We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and PayPal. Surcharges apply to payments via AMEX and PayPal.

The task will not commence prior to receipt of the deposit.
The completed statement is not provided to the client until the final payment has been received.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us HERE.