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Discreet and Professional Corporate Investigators

Be certain of your investments, employees, partners, business security and private life with the expert support of Adept Investigations & Security and our diverse range of investigation and surveillance services.

We have the answers to your questions, and work with corporate and private investigation clients throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

Trusted and discreet private investigators

We will find answers to any questions you have about business partners, employees or competitors and provide you with exactly what information you need to make an effective decision.

We tailor our corporate and private investigations services to your individual requirements. We create comprehensive solutions for observing, investigating and reporting on any individual or organisation you require.

With decades of experience of all kinds of investigations across the whole of Australia, we can provide exceptional solutions for due diligence, risk management and commercial investigations, as well as a range of services for private individuals.

Specialist corporate investigation support

We focus on the corporate end of investigations such as legal support, asset searches and intelligence gathering, and deliver comprehensive commercial investigation solutions to fit the requirements of our clients.

Whatever your corporate or private investigator requirements, we will provide a cost effective and reliable investigation solution wherever you are within Australia.

Types of assistance provided:

Background Checks

Are becoming more and more necessary in this day and age to help protect your business from espionage and internal crime. Carrying out a background check on new employees, business associates, debtors and the competition may be an excellent way to protect your business and make informed decisions. Available sources include, but are not limited to, corporate history, bankruptcy, financial assessments, property, and professional bodies.

Criminal Investigations

Most of our criminal cases are related to the lack of police resources and your need for a serious investigation. Whether it be fraud, internal theft, a high-level burglary, embezzlement or worse, we have former highly experienced AFP and NSW Police Detective’s to help you.

Legal Research and Investigations

Barristers and Solicitors always require investigative services in one form or another. Corporate Investigations can help in all matters from criminal, person location, interviews and statements, document service and all types of liability matters.

Undercover Investigations

Corporate Investigations can provide undercover agents for most scenarios. Our agents have not always been investigators – they have come from all walks of life and our aim is sourcing a specialist investigator tailor made for your own situation.

Asset Checks

We can search for assets of business associates and colleagues, companies and individuals. You’ll have the knowledge to make informed decisions for business and litigation purposes.

Internet Investigations

Do you know who is behind an e-mail address or URL? We have the know-how to help you find out. Have you been a victim of an online hoax, or are having issues with unknown persons defaming or slandering you or your business? Have you been a victim of fraud?  Our experienced researchers are available for hourly hire for any investigations involving the Internet.

Covert surveillance

Our experience has proved that although an employee can “keep up the appearance” for a while, ultimately, they will let their guard down and we can be there to obtain that crucial piece of evidence leading to a claim being dismissed or your financial liability is greatly reduced.

Whether it is one of the above, or another matter, we can assist you to gain the best outcome. Our investigators are highly trained, have more than a combined 120 years’ experience in private, financial and criminal investigations and hold all current Licences.

All matters are treated with absolute discretion and strict confidentiality.

Do you have employees purporting to be injured on the job? In nearly every matter referred to us we’ve been able to obtain definitive evidence to prove the employee is either not injured at all, or greatly exaggerates the injury in the workplace.