There are many reasons you may need to ascertain details of a person’s finances. They can include:

  • Family Law Court settlements
  • Due diligence in respect of employment applications
  • Due diligence of persons looking to undertake a franchise operation
  • Asset discovery as a result of a deceased’s will
  • Assist with the recovery of monies owed
  • Your partner in the early stage of a relationship brags about wealth however does not live their life as though they have it (could possibly indicate they are either a liar or a criminal)
  • Gambling addition
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Business partnership proposals

Some of the items we have assisted clients to either retrieve or have the value of the asset taken into account during either a Court (or out of Court) settlement or bankruptcy proceedings are:

  • Real estate – house, land and/or commercial property assets
  • Motor vehicles
  • Jewellery
  • Share portfolio’s
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Storage sheds
  • Mature “forests” (being transplanted to residential housing around Australia)
  • Luxury boats
  • Racehorses

The majority of spouses and/or business partners do not know the assets uncovered during our searches ever existed! Hiding assets to benefit the owner is a common issue in legal disputes/Family Court settlements and often requires further investigation to prove that they exist.

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