For over two decades Rod Courtney was employed as a Federal Agent working for the Australian Federal Police on complex fraud and other major investigations within Australia and overseas. This included a secondment to the United Nations.

If you have a situation where you believe Police have erred, or declined to look into allegations you believe are relevant to an investigation we can look at the facts, whether it be in the form of a “brief of evidence” or ancillary evidence in your possession (or elsewhere) to either assist in having an investigation re-opened, or to locate any “missing pieces” to provide to Police.

Unfortunately, the demand on investigating Police Officers today is unrealistically high. The public or complainant want answers, media may be involved, the case officer’s supervisor is under pressure to achieve benchmark targets and the Court system is so backlogged it can take literally years for a case to get to trial. This all results in shortcuts being made and it maybe you or a family member that receives an unfair hearing, or an accused who you know is guilty walks free at trial. Court costs (solicitors/barristers etc can easily cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars)!

As at February 2019, we have one client who was refused bail and has been incarcerated since December 2017 in circumstance where we strongly believe the client was “set up”. That’s 15 months where any Australian is apparently innocent before being possibly found guilty.

Please contact us to look into your matter. Although it may take time to locate or collate evidence, the cost is far less than relying on legal avenues alone.