It’s an unfortunate fact that infidelity can occur in any relationship. If you suspect that you have a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you want to know the truth, even if it’s bad! That “sixth sense” tells you it’s definitely happening, an affair right under your nose, but you can’t get proof, and you can’t confront your partner without it.




There are many scenarios that can cause your suspicions. Maybe your friends are saying you’re too suspicious, or your partner says you are paranoid and jealous. They’re always late home from work, tired, and shun intimacy. These are just the kinds of comments and mannerisms a cheating partner would typically say or do, effectively making you feel guilty for not trusting them.



What can you do?

If you get caught following them you can generally forget any future relationship. Also asking them questions you normally wouldn’t does two things. It can tip them off as to your suspicions, and make them redouble their efforts to hide their infidelities.
The phone is suddenly locked and emails erased. You are getting nowhere by asking pointed questions about where they have been when they get home late from work.
You need proof that will enable you to make an informed decision about your future with this person. Most of all, you need to find a way to end the emotional and psychological turmoil that a cheating partner or spouse will put you through.


While it might seem like a good idea to do your own surveillance and detective work, you may unknowingly end up committing illegal activities, like placing a GPS tracker on their vehicle to see where they are driving to. Depending on the State or Territory you reside in, this can be illegal, you can be criminally charged and end up with a Police record.


You’re not a surveillance expert so you can easily get caught spying from the bushes and have no hope of convincing the person it was an innocent mistake.





At Adept, part of the service we provide includes the investigation of partner infidelity while remaining undetected. We provide you with the proof you need in a discreet and efficient manner. Detectives can legally investigate matters in ways you cannot, including access to paid search databases not available to the general public.
If you want to get even rather than just getting mad, you will need all the information and evidence you can get to plan your next move. Contacting a lawyer with evidence provided by us assists in you getting the upper hand in divorce or de facto claims.
A definite benefit of involving an investigator is if it turns out your suspicions are incorrect and your partner is not having an affair, it’s best to find out from a professional detective rather than finding out when you confront your partner.
Not all client suspicions are correct. Click HERE to read about one example that made our client very happy.

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